About India Fine Arts


India Fine Arts was started and incorporated in the State of Texas in 1995 by a group of artistically and culturally minded Indians in Austin. The main objective was to promote greater understanding and appreciation for the performing arts of the subcontinent in Texas. With the burgeoning population of South East Asians in the city, there was also a need to provide a cultural understanding to the second generation Indian children and to provide a forum of entertainment for the locals. To accomplish these objectives the following activities are being undertaken:

  1. Sponsor distinguished performing artists from the Indian subcontinent and arranges concerts, dances, ballets and lecture/ demonstrations and workshops. Most of these events are done in university and college or high school campuses with free admissions to the students and teachers.
  2. Provide high class teachers to the area schools with world music programs.
  3. Publish articles and literature as part of education on the meaning and cultural aspects of the activity.
  4. Serve the need of the underserved and underrepresented sections of the community by arranging events for their benefit.
The target population is the community of Central Texas area consisting of Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, Temple and Waco regions with an estimated population of more than two millions. India Fine Arts completed 15 years on March 6, 2010 and to celebrate the occasion, we had a mega show at Paramount Theatre on March 6, 2010 with two time Grammy winner Zakir Hussain and Masters of Percussion.  During these years IFA has conducted more than 200 events (lecture/ demonstrations, concerts, dances and ballets. It has done more than 50 master classes on various aspects of Indian music and has trained scores of community members. A number of ballets depicting the culture and traditions of India have been staged ( Mahabharatha,  Bhagavad Gita, Ramayan, Gita Govind, Shivsakthi, Gautam Buddha). Several Grammy winners have played concerts and conducted  for the benefit of the area students. IFA also staged nationally televised ballet called Jwala or Flame showing how the immigrants assimilate into American culture and values. In the year 2009 IFA was awarded the President Obama’s Voluntary Service Award with a certificate and a Presidential tie pin
India Fine Arts is also focusing on developing relationships with underserved sections of the community like the blind and visually impaired and the deaf and seniors and mentally challenged. Special outreach events like Musical therapy classes are done in senior homes. Special dance workshops have been done to teach dancing to blind and visually  impaired by the “Touch and Feel” method.
In short India Fine Arts has and is striving to bring unique diversity to Austin’s cultural landscape.
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