Membership Rates: (Sept 2019– Aug 2020)

Senior Single/Student single $96
Senior Student Family $140
Single $147
Family(couple) $198
Family with children $239
Patron Single $208
Patron Family $297
Patron Family with children $343

Guidelines: Additional service charges are added for membership through paypal purchase.  Patron and family with children includes dependent children below the age of 18 years.

Note: Patron and Family/w children includes the dependent children in the family below the age of 18 yrs. The membership from can be downloaded from the web site HERE and sent to the IFA address with the check for the appropriate amount

Member IDs are not transerable.

Member benefits:

Free admissions to the IFA program. (Additional programs to be decided by the committee.) Family Membership is for adult couples. Patron members will get reserved/blocked seats. Senior family membership should be 62+. Seniors and any single membership cannot have dependents. Students must be full time students.

Become a Member:


Or click here to download and print a membership form for mailing

Call 512-918-1351

E-mail jnagarajan@hotmail.com

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